Criostat - Miles -  Tissue-Tek II

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Status: Deschis
Tip articol: Sistem complet
Categorie: Laborator
Dispozitiv: Criostat
Producator: Miles
Model: Tissue-Tek II
Stare: In starea actuala
Locatie: Statele Unite , Texas
Disponibilitate: Imediat
Cantitate: 1 disponibil
Pret pe bucata: 695.00 USD
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Lab-Tek Cryostat Tissue-Tek II Model 4553. This Lab-Tek Cryostat Tissue-Tek II model 4553 is a self contained combination unit for the preparation, freezing and cutting of frozen tissue sections. It consists of a cryostat, and automatic-defrost, refrigeration chamber and the Lab-Tek microtome (specifically designed for cryotechniques). The temperature of the Cryobar stays constant at -10C +/- 3C.
24 hour automatic defrost timer puts the defrost cycle at your command, prevents surprise defrosting during procedures and can be preset for nonworking hours.
Large stainless steel cryostat chamber facilitates easy access to microtome, provides space for storage, and contains a debris tray for shavings.
Fog-free, thermopane window with an invisible heating element that prevents condensation, allows unobstructed viewing into the chamber.
A unique feature of this unit is its constantly cold Cryobar dual orientation platform. Although the temperature range of the Cryostat chamber may be varied from 30C to -30C, the temperature of the Cryobar stays constant at -40C +/- 3C. One bar contains five wells for use with molds and adaptors (not included) utilized in the frozen block procedure. The second bar supports object holders utilized for conventional embedding procedures.
The microtome is solidly mounted within the refrigerated chamber but can be removed easily for periodic cleaning and lubrication.
Increment adjustment mechanism provides a range of section thickness in 2 micron increments from 2 to 20 micrometers.
The nylon, gross adjustment wheel allows positioning tissue close to the knife blade (not included).
Two types of anti-roll devices, plate and bail, can be used to lift the frozen section away from the cutting edge of the knife. Either type of anti-roll device may be used to obtain a single section. Serial sections are obtained through the use of the plate type anti-roll device.
Height: 48" inches
Width: 26" inches
Depth: 26" inches
Weight: 280 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 350 lbs
Power Requirements:
115VAC, 60 Hz, 800 watts
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