Sfaturi de cumparare Cryostat

  1. To protect the operator during use, cryostat devices should have a knife guard. To ensure that the specimen is being processed under the right conditions, the chamber temperature should be displayed.
  2. Some additional important features should be considered as well, including an antiroll device to prevent the specimen from curling while it is being cut, and an automatic defrost function to simplify maintenance of the product.
  3. More than one compressor for the refrigerated cryostat system is desirable, to ensure that appropriate temperatures are maintained and to provide a backup if one compressor fails.
  4. Based on the complexity of the refrigerated cryostat system and the selected features, prices of cryostat freezing microtomes vary considerably. Before making a decision, facilities should make careful considerations.
  5. The cleaning and decontaminating of the freezing microtome holds a risk of injury, and is therefore an important safety issue. Self-cleaning/decontaminating features, such as a biocidal solution flush, could eliminate exposure to potentially infectious tissue and are recommended investments, even though they may add costs.
  6. Before purchasing a freezing microtome knife sharpener, facilities need to consider staff time, disposable costs, and the cost of maintenance. Some cryostat suppliers offer sharpening services via mail, which can be useful in busy laboratories where technologist time is at a premium. Laboratories should have enough reserve blades to prevent the waiting time while the blade is being sharpened.
  7. A sharpener that can sharpen blades of various materials and shapes is beneficial for histology laboratories that use several blade types for sectioning samples for different procedures or applications.
  8. Using disposable freezing microtome blades, for which long-term replacement costs can be high, is less cost-effective than using a versatile, low maintenance sharpener.
  9. Automated sharpeners have significantly reduced the amount of operator involvement in knife sharpening. One drawback is the length of time it takes the device to sharpen a refrigerated cryostat blade.
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