Specificatii producator - Lithogold LG 380, MTS

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MODELMTS Lithogold LG 380
Indications in UrologyRenal stones
Ureteral stones
Indications in OrthopedicsNonunion and delayed union fractures
Stress fractures
Avascular bone necrosis
Osteochondrosis dissecans
Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Shoulder tendinopathies
FEATURESImproved stone fragmentation through "squeezing effect"
Reported re-treatment rates of less than 7%
Reduced anesthesia requirements
Easy targeting with wide shockwave path
Lightweight, compact design ideal for any size operating
room or mobile environment
Latest generation electrohydraulic (spark-gap) lithotripter
Large focal zone (20 by 101 mm) and kidney
friendly peak energy (< 36.9 MPa)
Deep penetration depth (165 mm) reduces the incidence
of treating patients in the prone position
Effective also in very large patients
Patient table capacity 250 kilograms
Smartrode can be replaced in 30 seconds or less
Lithotripter Technical DataTherapeutical focus 20 x 101 mm
Penetration depth 0 - 165 mm
Pressure range 24 - 36.9 MPa (240 - 369 bar)
Total energy (Etotal / -6dB) 2.86 - 20.70 mJ
Pulse repetition rate 1, 1.5, 2 Hz, ECG trigger
Mechanical Technical DataDevice dimensions (W x L x H) 900 x 1350 x 1250 mm
Weight 250 kg
Power Input 110 / 230 V (800 VA)
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Litotriptor extracorporeal, MTS, Lithogold LG 380
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